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Selected Publications

Drowning in Debris

This essay, featured in the March/April 2023 "Family Matters" column in Psychotherapy Networker magazine, is based on my memoir, WHAT WE HOLD ON TO.


"Churn" is excerpted from my memoir, WHAT WE HOLD ON TO and appeared in the Nashville Review (December, 2021). The memoir weaves back and forth in time from this “archaeological dig” (and the complications that arise from it) to the past and an exploration of what’s been lost, what’s been found, and what’s been kept in both my own and my family members’ lives. This essay was also featured in Memoir Monday (December 20, 2021)

What We Hold On To

The title chapter from my memoir tells about the family chaos that was the genesis of my mother's later hoarding behavior. It appeared in The Woven Tale Press Vol.X #4-June, 2022 (begins on page 45). 

A Tale of Two Primates

This essay is adapted from my memoir, WHAT WE HOLD ON TO. The Philadelphia Zoo is also featured in the collection of essays I am currently writing, COMPLICATIONS OF CAPTIVITY. "A Tale of Two Primates" reminisces about my relationship with the world's oldest captive gorilla. It appeared in the Opinionator section of The New York Times as part of the "Menagerie" series (10/26/2014).

Taking A Step Forward

This humorous essay about the dance of marriage appeared in The New York Times as a "Modern Love" column (12/15/2011).

After Nothing

This poem, inspired by a news story about a kidnapped girl, appeared in Philadelphia Stories, Fall 2008

Why We Needed a Prenup With Our Contractor

This essay was originally titled "My Contractor, My Love." It was written in response to a call for short memoir entries about the "Object of My Affection" for the Philadelphia First Person Arts Festival in 2007. It won the contest and was adapted for the The New York Times as a "Modern Love" column (10/28/2007). 


"Pivot" is a meditative essay about the illness and death of some of my psychotherapy clients. How does one make meaning from these experiences? It appeared in Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature (Issue IV 2006)


An essay about the infertility journey, particularly addressing miscarriage and the process of grieving when life doesn't turn out as planned. Appeared in Psychotherapy Networker, July/August 2002